Wednesday, 23 November 2011


If you are a fan of NRT then you will know how music has inspired my collections. A good friend of mine Lance created a site a few months ago where you can find all kinds of New, different music. There are postings everyday, and some sick play list's for your ipod...The reason I started this Blog in the first place was because of this site! So make sure you check it out and look for a video from my latest photo shoot with Phocal Point Photography 'Spectral Odyssey' (and my new favorite white boy rapper MGK )
 xo is all about three things, to download, listen, and share.  The site was created to allow all visitors access to free content and to keep up to date about upcoming trends and artists within the music industry.  HYHTracks holds no biases towards music genre or popularity of the artist, all that matters is promoting talented, inspiring, and revolutionary music for everyone to enjoy.

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